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People often want my help in exploring these issues:

Difficulty in personal and work relationships

Sex positive relationships, polyamorous and open relationships

Lack of sexual satisfaction and sexual dysfunction

Work and Academic difficulties including "stressed out", perfectionism, failure to advance, difficulty concentrating, conflict around succeeding

Intrusive thoughts

Sleep disturbance

Emotional Numbness

Feeling overwhelmed by emotions, anger, sadness, guilt and shame

Grief and loss

Self defeating attitudes and behaviors



Panic Attacks, “I suddenly feel like something terrible is about to happen, and then after a while it goes away”.

Social Phobia or Social Anxiety, “I get anxious when I’m around other people, especially strangers”.

Hypochondriasis  “I’m pretty sure I’ve got a serious illness, but my doctor can't find anything wrong."

Obsessions and compulsions or OCD, for example cleaning, hand washing, checking, counting, repeatedly seeking reassurance or forgiveness


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