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If you want your life to have meaning learn how to build better relationships.

  • Identify and effectively express your feelings

  • Connect deeply with others

  • Learn self compassion

  • Develop your empathic skills

  • Practice giving tactful feedback

  • Learn to sit with strong emotions
When I first bring up the idea of group psychotherapy often the response I get is "I could never talk about my stuff in a room full of strangers". What is amazing about group therapy is that in the first session people you thought were strangers become incredibly familiar. And over time the people that you feared talking to become the ones you want to share your innermost feelings with. I have never found a better way to learn how to meaningfully connect to others with our words and feelings. And the ability to connect with others that you learn in group psychotherapy, will follow you into the rest of your relationships outside of the group.

My therapy groups are unlike any other group that you have ever been in. I facilitate groups in a way that brings people together and allows them to experience powerful and intimate connections to each other.  The safety of the therapy group enables members to be authentically present with others, to bring more of themselves into the room, and to give and receive honest and compassionate feedback.  As a member’s comfort with revealing themselves grows in the group, so does it grow in their relationships outside of group.  A group member’s comfort being themselves, feeling their feelings, and being able to talk about those feelings develops over time.  Group members learn to identify and constructively express sadness and joy, anger and compassion, envy and sympathy and a host of other feelings in themselves and in others. Self esteem, and interpersonal relationships are repaired and enhanced and life consequently becomes more meaningful.

People can utilize group therapy alone or in combination with individual therapy.  GT has the advantage over IT of allowing one member to learn from another which accelerates and deepens the work done in IT. Group psychotherapy allows for a member’s troubling issues to be re-experienced in the group which allows for real time opportunities to work through those issues.
Before starting into a therapy group, it is usually helpful to meet individually to establish a level of comfort with the therapist and to address any questions or concerns that you may have about group. I offer reduced fees for the initial consultation meetings and for group sessions if financial concerns are prohibiting the payment of my full fees.

Call me, I would be happy to talk to you about joining my one of my groups.

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