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When you are looking for a therapist the most important question you can ask them is have they been through their own psychoanalysis. While many therapists have had some psychotherapy, very few have undergone a thorough analysis. For a therapist to be emotionally available to others they must first confront their own blind spots. If a therapist hasn't done their own work then you and they will sooner or later get stuck and your therapy will not be able to progress beyond that point.

I am a psychiatrist which means that I went to medical school and then specialized in psychiatry. 
I am a psychoanalyst which is the highest credential awarded to psychotherapists. To become a psychoanalyst one must undergo one's own analysis and pursue 5 to 10 years of additional training. 
I am a group psychotherapist and have seen clients make tremendous growth by participating in group therapy.

I was very fortunate to have my first psychotherapy experiences, both individual and in groups, when I was in college. That experience ultimately led me to seek out the enlightenment superhighway that is group psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. 
By far the greatest investment I have made in my life was in my own personal analysis and group therapy experience. Those practices opened doors in my heart and my mind that I did not know existed. And since then I have discovered a new world of joy and passion. I learned how to sit with powerful emotions, both mine and others', and that skill has deepened and strengthened my relationships.
I have come to the understanding that it is our relationships that bring the greatest meaning and fulfillment to our lives. I can imagine you, the reader, saying, "Yes, we have all heard how important relationships are to our health and so on. But, so what, we all have relationships. What am I supposed to do with that information?" My answer is that not all relationships are equal, and the ways that we handle our relationships, the way we communicate, our expectations and many other factors  make the difference between a healthy, happy relationship and a frustrating and unsatisfying one. When our relationships are passionate and joyful, our lives become rich and long.
I love to dance and have discovered for myself the healing power of touch and moving to music with others. 
Professional Memberships and Training:

American Psychoanalytic Association   

Board Certified: American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Austin Group Psychotherapy Society

Psychoanalytic Training: Houston-Galveston Psychoanalytic Institute

Fellowship in Hospital Psychiatry: Dartmouth Medical School Department of Psychiatry

Residency Training: Eastern Virginia Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry

Medical Degree: The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Bachelors of Engineering Science in Bio-medical Engineering: The University of Texas at Austin




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