Paul Compton, MD
 Psychoanalysis, Psychiatry, Individual and Group Psychotherapy

Are you looking for a therapist in Austin, Texas who is a compassionate, nonjudgmental person who will listen deeply, and help you to live and love fully and authentically? Do you want therapy for anxiety, depression or low self esteem? 
Would you like counseling for relationship problems or just want your relationships to be more alive and joyful? 
Are you searching for meaning in your life, for fulfillment, joy and bliss? These are all humanly possible to achieve with the right kind of therapy and the desire for change.
If you think you may need medication I can prescribe for you if you are seeing me for individual or group therapy.
Call me (there is no charge for the phone call) and we can talk about the next step for you.

 I see adults for:
  • Group Psychotherapy
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Evaluation and Medication management (only available for those persons seeing me for individual or group psychotherapy)
Paul Compton, M.D.
4131 Spicewood Springs Road
Building M, Suite 2
Austin, TX 78759
For an appointment call:  (512) 658-2805